10 Top NFT Collections On the Solana Blockchain With Great Value

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The digital asset space is slowly gaining interest in the non-fungible token (NFT) industry.

The Solana blockchain and ecosystem hosts several NFT collections. These NFT projects benefit from Solana’s low gas fees and fast transaction settlement. Our editors at CoinBuns blog have listed below are some of the top NFT collections and projects on the Solana ecosystem with great value.

1. Solana Doodle Apes

Solana Doodle Apes

This is one of the most popular NFT collections on the Solana blockchain. It boasts of unique apes with different features, such as headgears, accessories, and facial expressions. While all doodle apes are unique, some are unique than others.

This collection has 3333 apes on the blockchain, and it promises to reward holders with 50 per cent of gas fees.

Additionally, this community-driven project assured holders would get these rewards every month, making it an excellent way to earn a passive income. Also, doodle apes holders can be part of the project’s treasury, helping them participate in decision-making.

The total asset is 197, the average price is 1.778 SOL and the ownership percentage is 68.02.

2. Crypto Idolz

Crypto Idolz

Crypto Idolz is the first nudity NFT collection on Solana. The project focuses on women in their natural state.

Similarly, it hopes to create a nudity marketplace on Solana, which paves the way for adult artwork creation. It is safe to state that there are 6969 NFTs in collecting women in their natural state. This collection consists of three drops: boobs, butts, and faces.

The total asset is 532, the average price is 2.7656 SOL and the ownership percentage is 46.05.

3. Crypto Idolz (butts)

This is the part that focuses on the butts. Despite being the second drop in crypto Idolz, it is a favourite amongst NFT enthusiasts. It was launched in October, a month after the first drop was made available to the market.

That said, The project assured that all boobs, face, and butt designs are unique. You can also choose to buy the three drops to match them with each other. Emphasizing the need to own a 3D model, it explains numerous advantages you enjoy from combining all parts of your model.

The total asset is 874, the average price is 1.4774 SOL and the ownership percentage is 47.48.

4. Cyborg Apes

Cyborg Apes

Cyborg apes is a collection of 1111 uniquely generated ape NFTs on Solana. The apes have unique features in terms of background and accessories. And because the artworks are specially generated, you cannot predict the ape you will get. Also, the artworks combine ape and robot features.

While it’s easy to mistake this for the bored ape collection, they are not affiliated. The collection is about endangered apes. To make these apes stronger, Dr APEstein improved them. He hopes to make them strong enough to fight poachers.

The average price is 3.888 SOL.

5. Dynamic Shields

Dynamic Shields

Another NFT collection with a unique concept is dynamic shields. It is an NFT collection of 4949 shields hoping to defend Solana from invasion. The project assured that it would be a play-to-earn game based on the Solana blockchain. Today, there are numerous games to earn, helping players record attractive profits.

Despite being a relatively new project, it has a unique roadmap to ensure its official launching. It hopes to complete the artworks and form a more extensive community to canvass sufficient support. It would also market on Twitter and collaborate with other projects to grow.

Additionally, it would conduct many trials to ensure that the game runs smoothly and seamlessly. After a degree of completion, it hopes to be listed on popular and trusted NFT marketplaces like Solsea.io.

The average price is 0.07515 SOL.

6. Foxtopia Genesis

Foxtopia Genesis

This NFT collection is centred on unique foxes from five clans. The background story showed that foxes from clans, who once enjoyed peace and serenity, face havoc because of a nine-tailed fox that went rogue. In the game, users choose the clan they want to belong to and fight for power to rule the land.

The mission is to restore Utopia to its previous glory and enjoy battles and games. There are five clans: Winoa, Flarius, Elexaus, Arani, and Satulonia. With that said, these clans have unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding their properties may help users decide the clan they want to belong to.

The total asset is 139, the average price is 1.131 SOL and the ownership percentage is 61.15.

7. Gangster Gorillas

Gangster Gorillas

If you love gorilla artworks, you may find Gangster Gorillas intriguing. It is a collection of 10,028 hand-drawn artworks of gorillas. This NFT collection randomly generates the NFT from the SOL jungle. Like many other non-fungible tokens, it boasts unique gorillas with different features.

These gorillas have different accessories, headgears, clothes, weapons, and fur colours. With an integrated shooter game and different attributes, it remains a favourite for NFT enthusiasts. When you have a gorilla, you can participate in the gangster gorillas play to earn game, where players can earn numerous rewards.

You can enjoy battling with other primates and guard precious gems in the game. If you love action and play-to-earn games, you may enjoy Gangster Gorillas.

The total asset is 607, the average price is 0.066 SOL, and the ownership percentage is 27.

8. Dope Apes

Dope Apes

Dope Apes is an NFT collection that has 3333 unique ape avatars. The team behind the project explained that there are 150+ assets with 9 unique traits. Since the assets are uniquely generated, you cannot predict the ape you would get during minting. Also, the ape’s price is determined by rarity. Rarer apes are more expensive than other kinds.

Additionally, the artworks are hand-drawn, making them more memorable, and you can easily purchase these apes through the Solana ecosystem. The project hopes to pre-mint over 500 apes in the next few weeks to allow holders to secure some NFTs. After the creators’ launch minting, the rarity chart will be released to evaluate uniqueness.

The total asset is 70, the average price is 1.58 SOL, and the ownership percentage is 84.43.



Aiko is another adult NFT based collection on the Solana blockchain. It leverages artificial intelligence to act as your friend, lover, or anything you want. Similarly, this is the first AI-powered NFT collection on Solana, boasting 10,000 unique Aiko NFTs.

The network generates the NFTs from 12 traits, which gives millions of unique possibilities. This erotic NFT has Aikos with different hair, clothing, and accessories. It plans to create a marketplace and also an app for Aiko masters to interact with their Aiko.

According to the official website, Aiko is always ready to satisfy her master’s intimate wishes. Users can download the app to interact with Aiko and become the Aiko master. Thanks to AI, she learns from your wishes and tastes and helps you meet your needs.

The total asset is 1,184, the average price is 1.91 SOL and the ownership percentage is 49.19.

10. Metawaifus


Metawaifus is focused on the 3D character revolution. This collection has 5,600 unique 3D NFTs based on the Solana ecosystem. The official website assured that the NFTs could be used in gaming metaverse. Thanks to the recent buzz surrounding metaverses, gamers can enjoy playing to earn games with unique concepts.

When you own a Metawaifus, you can be part of the collection’s metaverse. Because your NFT represents your membership, you need to hold your Metawaifus NFT. You can also explore in-games on the metaverse and access multimedia for the metaverse age.

The project’s team hopes to access support from metaverse lovers to enable ecosystem growth. Whether you love to play games or keep collectables, Metawaifus allows users to play games and hold collectables.

The total asset is 759, the average price is 1.355 SOL and the ownership percentage is 52.83.


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